Never Fear! Nightmares Are Here!


«Scene: Criminy Thicket sitting in a cheerful landscape»

Criminy Thicket: So… much… CUTE!
Criminy Thicket: I don't know how much more of this I can take!

«Screen pans right to the Hero and Memet at the entrance to the room»

Memet: Never fear! Nightmares are here!

Criminy Thicket: R-really?
Criminy Thicket: Oh my gosh, is my dry spell finally over?

Memet: Yep! I'll have this place dark and spooky in no time!

«Scene: Calico Cobby enters the room»

Dreammaster Calico: No. You won't.

Memet: Aw, man, you again?

Dreammaster Calico: Yes! Me again!
Dreammaster Calico: I won't let you two doorknobs ruin my beautiful paradise!

Memet: Yeah? What are you gonna do? Cute us to death?

«Calico Cobby starts glowing and growing larger»

Dreammaster Calico: Maybe.
Dreammaster Calico: I.
Dreammaster Calico: Will.

Hero: You never know when to stop do you?

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