Cosplay Costume Vendor
Hello, welcome! I'm Nekomimi, the costume vendor. Dressing up in various costumes is a big part of daily life here in Akiba. We dress up for parties and celebrations but a lot of people just dress up for fun! What kind of costume would YOU like to wear?

Akiba is not just famous for its costumes. This used to be a small fishing village a long time ago, but vendors began coming from all over and started selling books, figures, toys and… that's right… COSTUMES of famous characters and heroes form from legends and stories. Now Akiba is the largest town on Yokai Isle!

Do you like Anime?
So, you like anime? So do I!!! It's just so KYUUUUUUUTE!!

- Anime Fan Shop
- Hai Kyuute!! Anime Chest
- Hai Kyuute!! Anime House

- Cosplay Shop
- Nekomimi's Daily Quest


Note: Nekomimi (猫耳) means "Cat Ears" in Japanese.


Thanks to mturf and .Shadow//

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