Neko Mata Shrine

Informative Information Kiosk
Hajimemashite. You are currently at the Shrine of the Neko Mata. Would you like to know more about the Yokai local to the area? Please keep our land clean and do not feed the Yokai. Arigatou gozaimasu.

Skello Kitty
Not much is known about this strange skeletal Yokai. Consisting of a cat skeleton (and not much more), Skello Kitty roams the lands in search of a new master; it's target usually young children. Shrouding itself in a veil of utter cuteness, Skello Kitty grows ever stronger the more it is adored.

Although they appear to be just like everyone else, the Nopperabo have one distinctive feature that sets them apart from other Humans: a smooth, featureless face. Nopperabo often work in teams, with their main objective simply being to scare the wits out of anyone who passes by.

The only thing fatal about these Yokai are their impressive card-playing abilities.

Neko Mata
With its name literally meaning "forked cat," Neko Mata is best known for breathing new life into the recently deceased. Legend says that when a cat reaches the age of 40, its tail splits in two and the feline gains supernatural powers, often more vicious than virtuous.

Be wary of all cats with split tails, especially if it suddenly begins talking, walking upright, or begins to drink lamp oil.

Location: Yokai Graveyard

  • Inscription on the grave translates to "Odokuro".
  • Neko (猫) means "Cat" in Japanese.

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