Neko Mata (NPC)

Forked Tailed Yokai
Before continuing you continue your quest on in this graveyard, I need you need to talk to Mitsu Bishi at the Akiba town Entrance entrance.

- Go There!

After completing Ai No Miko's Quests:

Forked Tailed Yokai
Welcome, welcome traveler. The Island is abuzz with your good deeds and how you wish to stop Chaos Lord Kitsune. I am honored to finally meet your acquaintance. My name is Neko Mata, and with my help, you will be one step closer to meeting Kitsune for the final bout. Yes, yes.

- Neko Mata's Quests

After completing Neko Mata's Quests:

Forked Tailed Yokai
You've defeated the O-dokuro?! This will only mean… War…

- Neko Mata's Quests

Location: Yokai Graveyard

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