Neko Mata (NPC)

Forked Tailed Yokai
Before you continue your quest in this graveyard, you need to talk to Mitsu Bishi at the Akiba town entrance.

- Go Now

After completing the 'Hisssssy Fit' quest:

Forked Tailed Yokai
Welcome, welcome traveler. The Island is abuzz with your good deeds and how you wish to stop Chaos Lord Kitsune. I am honored to finally meet your acquaintance. My name is Neko Mata, and with my help, you will be one step closer to meeting Kitsune for the final bout. Yes, yes.

- Neko Mata's Quests

After completing the 'The Face Off' quest:

Forked Tailed Yokai
I guess by now you have figured it all out. I am not here to help you… this has all been a ruse. A trick to delay you from reaching Kitsune. And you fell for it. What a fool! By now, O-dokuro is moments away from being summoned and there is nothing you can do to stop him now! Hahaha!!

- Battle Neko Mata

After defeating Neko Mata (Monster):

Forked Tailed Yokai
…you really think that defeating me means anything?! Ha! It's already too late…. Chaos Lord Kitsune cannot be stopped! Once O-dokuro is summoned… there is nothing you can do to stop Kitsune! …. if you go inside the House at the end of the graveyard you will only find your doom!

- Go Now - Takes you to Screen 4

After completing the 'Defeat O-dokuro' quest:

Forked Tailed Yokai
You've defeated the O-dokuro?! This will only mean … War…

- Battle Neko Mata
- Challenge legendsmall.png

Location: Yokai Graveyard

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