«Scene: There is a voice behind a red closed curtain.»

Voice: Well. Well. Well.
Voice: *giggles* You should be really proud. For living that is. No one has EVER made it to the top of the Tower of Necromancy since I've been in charge.

Hero: Yeah, I past all your crazy tests. Now… show yourself.

Voice: So demanding, after all I've done for you. *crazy giggle*

Hero: I know who you are.
Hero: You are the little girl from the town of Moonridge, aren't you? You're… you're…

«Scene: The curtain has been opened.»

Sally: THAT'S RIGHT! I am the supreme Necromantress, SALLY!
Hero: whaa!? Pink? The surpreme Necromantress wears a pink robe and carries a Teddy Bear?

Sally: What? You think Beleen has some sort of trademark on pink?
Sally: *giggles* Pink is so much more eeeeeevil than black. It Is the PERFECT COLOR OF EVIL!!!!!

Sally: Pfft. Anyways. It was 5 years ago that Vayle lead an undead army to attack my hometown of Moonridge.

«Scene: Flashback to 5 years ago, where a man is leading a huge undead army»

Sally: Artix and his friends defended my home town… but… tee hee… there were SOOOO MANY skeletal parts everywhere.

«Scene: Flashback to a yard, where Sally is holding a heart.»

Sally: I remember. Because I was so lonely… So I just made my own friends!
Hero: … your… own… friends?
Sally: Oh yes! I guess you could say I found my true calling… but… I was still so very lonely.

«Scene: Flashback to a building, where Sally is standing in front of it.»

Sally: Then… one day I was playing and heard a voice. The next thing I knew I was standing at the door to a GIANT place…

«Scene: Back to Necro Tower.»

Sally: The Necropolis!
Hero: The Necropolis…
Sally: Yes, the Necropolis is known as the City of the Undead. Only necromancers and their undead abominations are allowed in there. Your Student ID should allow you to enter.
Hero: How did YOU get into the Necropolis then?

Sally: Well, Artix and his friends had already destroyed the Necropolis and it's master… Noxus.
Sally: but I could hear Noxus's ghostly voice.
Sally: …he taught me all of his spells and how to use them.

Hero: So you became the next Necromantress of DoomWood?
Sally: Yuppers! …And in return I used the dark magic to bring back Noxus.

Sally: Mmmm hmmmm… I brought him back to the land of the living in the form of a Lich.

Hero: A Lich… a super powerful undead wizard?
Sally: Indeedy-do! … and Noxus has some big plans. He's gonna take over the whole wide world!
Sally: now that you're becoming a Necromancer you are going to help!


Sally: Now… tee hee hee… there is just a little more you have to do to become a Full Necromancer.

«Scene fades»

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