Nature Of Undead


«Scene: Starts off with the Hero sitting in a classroom with other necromancers and Professor Ghoulliver speaking his lesson»

Prof. Ghoulliver: Exssssellent. With your practical application work complete, we can move on to the lecture.
Prof. Ghoulliver: Before you can monetize your product - ghouls - you must understand their nature.
Prof. Ghoulliver: This is vital if you are to construct, then market, them to eager buyers.

Hero: *cough* Excuse me, Prof. But… who BUYS ghouls?

Prof. Ghoulliver: *glare* Ghouls have many uses. If you'd attended the LAST lecture, you'd know that.
Prof. Ghoulliver: Ghouls fill many roles in today's society. Filling the seats at awards shows, for one.
Prof. Ghoulliver: I'll expect a list of 25 everyday uses for the standard ghoul on my desk tomorrow. Next time, come to class!

Hero: *groan*

Prof. Ghoulliver: As I was saying… a subject who has been reanimated is irrevocably connected to the Darkness Realm.
Prof. Ghoulliver: Take care in reanimating a magician. They can manipulate that connection to a much greater degree than a normal necromancer.
Prof. Ghoulliver: They are more sensitive to Dark forces, and the evil of their minions and subjects is enhanced.
Prof. Ghoulliver: More on this tomorrow, provided there are… fewer interruptions.

«Screen fade»

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