Naipi and Taruba


The Yguasu Lovers
We're free? After ages of silence and the god's jealous stare, are we finally free? No…he's still watching us. If we don't escape now, we'll be swallowed by the river!

After completing the 'That's M'Boi' quest:

The Yguasu Lovers
It's finally over. So much time has passed since we were first transformed. Our homes must be gone by now, but that doesn't matter. We are each other's homes. Somewhere far from the river sounds like a good place to settle down. Maybe we'll look to the mountains, or travel to new horizons. Without you, we couldn't even dream about that. Thank you for reuniting us. We'll never forget you three.

Location: Yguasu River
Note: Appears after completing the 'Reaching Palm Fronds' quest.


Thanks to Tux47.

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