Mythsong War! / Music Pirates?!


«Mythsong, a chaos lightning strikes. Change scene, Discordia with his fans»

Discordia: My loyal fans… the world showed no compassion to me. Chaos alone can make my song take flight. Help me make my music become the night.
Discordia: The Chaos Beast grows restless in slumb as Lorestockapalooza draws night. With its powers, my music will Chaorrupt Mythsong-and Lore shall become mine! We are past the point of no return; victory awaits!
Discordia: I give you my music, to make your powers take wing. Obey your master. My music compels you to comply.
Discordia: Or you will curse the day you did not do all that Chaos Lord Discordia asked of you!

Pirates: Arrr!

«Change scene, group of Mythsong villagers, including Mozzy Mogbourne, there's a guitar. Hero walks to them»

Hero: So I heard Loresotckapalooza is about to start. But after watching that cutscene… I see a lot of a 'Battle' and not so many 'Bands' headed our way.

Mozzy: Mun! It's bad, reaaaaal bad. The next Lord of Chaos is HERE in Mythsong!

Hero: Yeah I already know.

Mozzy: …touché, magical mind reader. Then what number am I thinking of right now?

Hero: Hmmm… Platypus?

*Crowd*: *ahem!*

Mozzy: Oh, riiiight! …it was platypus…
Mozzy: Anyway so Discordia's melodies are Chaorrupting the inhabitants of Mythsong. His undying fans were the first to fully transform into an army of Music Pirates
Mozzy: …but it's only a matter of time before his Chaos power grows and his music tops the chart…
Mozzy: …aaaand if Discordia summons the Chaos Beast, the entire world will become Chaorrupted Music Pirate junkies too… mun!

Hero: He is headed to Loresotkcapalooza right now to wake the Chaos Beast. So let's board that Lead Zepllin and put an end to Discordia and his Music Pirates!

«Tremble and a chaos lightning strikes»

«Change scene, a Music Pirate is running down stairs then back to Hero, Hero takes guitar then runs and attacks the Music Pirate»

Hero: Prepare to meet…
Hero: your LOLSUIT!!

Music Pirate: ?
*Crowd:* ??????

Hero: …ohhh c'mon guys, that was a good one! Music Pirates… Lawsuit… Lolsuit? Nothing?
Hero: Fine.

«Hero destroys Music Pirate»

«Scene fades»

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