Mysterious Stranger (NPC)

Mysterious Person with a Challenge
Ah, finally. I did not think you would ever reach this point. I have several tasks for you, <Hero>, and a reward. You won't need much guidance… not if you are worthy of my gift. I will tell you one thing to point you in the right direction: true heroes are not afraid to lead, but know when to ask for help. Accept what tutoring is offered you.

Mysterious Stranger?
You may call me the "Mysterious Stranger", but I am not the one you've met before. … No, not that one either.

Your Gift?
Yes. A particular… artifact… from another realm. It's much like this one, only the complete opposite. I've secured a very *special* item from a rather well-known ruler.

What do I do?
I have given you the clues you need to begin the quest. Each clue leads you to the next location, where you must find what you seek. I will be there, waiting for you.

More Help?
Talk to your fellow heroes if you need assistance, or try to puzzle out the answers on your own. I wish you luck, <Hero>!

Hello, Hero. You don't know me, and you might never figure out who I am, but I am here to offer you a weapon worthy of an extraordinary hero, much like yourself. Figure out what I need and I will reward you.

- Mysterious Stranger's Quests


Note: Also see A Mysterious Stranger.

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