Mysterious Figure (Cutscene)


«A hooded figure bowing to a hologram of Queen of Monsters in a spaceship»

Queen of Monsters: If you cannot do it, say so. The fortress can be breached. Bring me the core.

Hooded Figure: If I knew why it was so important…

Queen of Monsters: You would know more than you need to. Now GO.

Hooded Figure: Your wish is my command, my Queen. But -
Hooded Figure: How should I break into the fortress? It is incredibly secure.
Hooded Figure: The warriors there are powerful and their leader….
Hooded Figure: They say his strength rivals that of the Avatars.

Queen of Monsters: So much chatter. So much time spent talking. You must be very confident in your abilities.
Queen of Monsters: So you will complete the assignment quickly. More quickly than originally promised, yes?

Hooded Figure: … *cough* …
Hooded Figure: I will return with the Star Core… very soon. You will not be disappointed.

Queen of Monsters: If I am not, you will be well-rewarded.

«Change scene to Hero and Twilly in some woods»

Hero: So why did you bring me out here, Twilly? There's nothing here. No monsters, no trapped villagers.

Twilly: Twilly hears something buzzing… but nnot with my ears. It's coming from out there.

«A rift in time and space appears in front of the Hero and Final comes out»

Final: Good. You're on time. I'm Final, you are just the hero I am looking for.
Final: I'd spend more time on introductions, but Lore's in danger, and I need your help, like, three weeks ago.

Hero: Normally I'd ask for a handshake, at least, but you look like someone I should -
Hero: NEVER EVER TRUST. So let's back up a minute.

Twilly: Twilly thinks you look familiar, Final! YOur face… Were you at Yulgar's Inn last week?

Hero: Twilly, you genius! Yes - his face was on the wanted poster.
Hero: You're the assassin that took out the Jade Warlord, and the Tiger-Run Slayers.

«Final nods»

Hero: So… Why in the world do you want help save people? You've got a LOT of people that want to slay you.

Final: Yes I do, but let's do the math.
Final: The world really is in great danger. World-ending danger.
Final: No people means no contracts. No contracts means no money.
Final: And that's going to start impacting YOU, too, you know.
Final: So YOU need to help ME. But seriously, we are wasting time.

Hero: Cynical but… true, I guess. What is it you need?

Final: The Queen of Monsters had one of her minions - or more - we cannot tell right now…
Final: Steal a very important artifact.

Hero: "Had"? So it's already been stolen?

Final: Right. She could activate it ANY MINUTE, and if she does… BOOM!
Final: YOU need to go back in time about 3 weeks.
Final: Infiltrate a palce called Starsinc, wehre an order of Celestial Warriors resides.
Final: Their leader's named Prime. He's been known to kick puppies of airlocks for fun.
Final: Rumor has it he's as strong as an Avatar, but… that has to be a rumor.

Hero: So, one question. You're the world-famous assassin. You sneak in and take people out all the time.
Hero: Why do you need me?

Final: Because I'm the assassin. As soon as their security detects me, I'll be their primary target. I run. They chase.

Hero: Freeing me to get to the artifact. That'll work. Let's go!

«Final opens a rift in time and space and both step through, leaving Twilly behind. Scene changes to Hero and Final in Starsinc»

Hero: … This place is incredible! So. What am I grabbing?

Final: The Star Core. You'll know it when you see it. And you'll see it once you get to Prime.

«Scene fades»

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