«Scene: Hero and Loremaster Maya stand in a forest»

Loremaster Maya: Oh, wow, just LOOK at this thing! Where did you say you got this egg, again?

Hero: It was in a chest I found in a Dragon's hoard. The chest had seven locks, and a different dragon had each of the keys.

Loremaster Maya: That makes a lot of sense. Going by the illustrations in my old books, this is a manticore egg!
Loremaster Maya: Manticores - REAL manticores - haven't been seen on Lore for centuries. We had believed that his was the last, but.. Perhaps not.
Loremaster Maya: Manticores used to be the natural enemy of the dragon. Each species used to keep the population of the other at bay.
Loremaster Maya: But at some point, the manticores went extinct - or at least, we thought they did - and the dragon population was left to grow unchecked.
Loremaster Maya: What if their extinction wasn't natural? Did dragons cull them until only this egg was left? I suppose it's not surprising that they would want to keep it hidden.

Hero: Why wouldn't they just destroy the egg, too?

Loremaster Maya: Hard to say. But the egg appears to have some kind of stasis spell on it. It looks like Creatioux magic.
Loremaster Maya: Mariel, the dragon who helped you defeat Maloth, was of this species.
Loremaster Maya: We're going to need her help to break this stasis spell. Maybe she will be able to answer that question for you, too.

«Scene fades»

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