My Love in the Dark



«Scene: Warlic's Shop. The Unrequited is beaten. Sora to Hoshi, Warlic and Hero reunite»

Warlic: Ugh…

Hero: You guys okay?

Sora to Hoshi: I…think we'll be all right.

Warlic: What…happened?
Warlic: And…why is my shop in disarray?

Sora to Hoshi: I apologize, Warlic. It's…a long story.

Warlic: …I see.

Hero: BUt all's well that ends well!

«Scene changes to Rolith giving Alina a gift, and then to Cysero searching through a sock pile»

Cysero: Hey…this isn't my sock!

«Scene changes to Yulgar taking Aria and dragging her by Maya, then to Sora to Hoshi speaking to Hero»

Sora to Hoshi: It doesn't seem like anyone else remembers anything.
Sora to Hoshi: I suppose it's for the best.

Hero: Do you know who could've been behind all of this?

Sora to Hoshi: No…this type of magic is unheard of. At least, on this scale.
Sora to Hoshi: I'll check our archives back at the academy. Warlic is also going to keep an eye out.

«Sora to Hoshi blushes»

Sora to Hoshi: He, um…requested that I scry some ley lines with him.
Sora to Hoshi: Professionally, of course.

Hero: Did you accept?

Sora to Hoshi: *ahem* In any case, I must return to DragonRune Hall.
Sora to Hoshi: You are welcome to visit us at any time. Take care, <Hero>.

«Hero waves and walks away.»

Hero: I wonder what that was all about…

«A dark shadow stops the Hero»

Hero: Oh - pardon me.

???: It's quite all right.

«Hero continues walking and shadow reveals itself»

«Scene fades»

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