My Love?



«Scene: Hero, Blizzy and Chilly on Screen 1 of Howard's Hill»

Blizzy: <Hero>, Blizzy doesn't know what you did up there, but…


Hero: But I don't understand!
Hero: I found the source of the storm! It was just this old guy grieving over his family…

«Hero looks back»

Hero: …his family that was killed by the Queen of… of… oh no.

«Scene switches to Howard on Screen 9 of Howard's Hill»

Howard: Now that my elixir is complete, it will be just like you never left, my love!

«Howard holding a purple orb»

Howard: I've made sure the house is ready for you.

«Close up on Howard's house that's glowing»

Howard: And I've given you a beacon to light the way home.

«Scene fades»
«Howard on Screen 9 standing on a rune in the ground and holding an orb»

Howard: Yes! YES!
Howard: No longer will you be trapped in the Plane of Monsters alone. We will be reunited once more!

«Howard throws the purple orb in the air and Howard's Grief appears from an explosion»

Howard's Grief: Hoowww….aaaarrrd!

Howard: … my love?

«Scene fades»


«Moglins around a Fireplace looking at Howard's Grief, spooked»
«Scene fades»

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