My Friends Will Entertain You


«Scene: the Hero defeats Count Maxius, who disappears in a black flame»

Count Maxius: Your strength is even more impressive than I'd imagined!
Count Maxius: I was right to choose you as my sacrifice.
Count Maxius: You will give me the power I need to return to Lore…
Count Maxius: …and much, much, more!
Count Maxius: More than I could ever need.
Count Maxius: I wish I could stay and entertain you longer.
Count Maxius: But I must prepare, for the hour of my ritual draws close.

Hero: You coward! Get back here and let's finish this!

Count Maxius: Don't worry! We'll see each other again soon.

«Scene: Count Maxius' minions»

Count Maxius: In the meantime, why not have fun with some of my other friends?

«Scene fades»

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