My Favorite Time of Year



«Scene: Eros, Beleen, Reens, Nythera, Alina and the Hero on Screen 1 of Love Spell»

Beleen: Hi, hero! Don't you just love this time of year? The warmth… the flowers… No, silly, I don't mean the coming of spring. I'm talking about HEROES HEART DAY!
Beleen: This year, I really want to make sure everyone is feeling that romantic spark! <3

Hero: Aww, that's so nice!

Beleen: I've enlisted the help of my new friend, here! Isn't he just so precious?

«Hero turns around and faces Eros»

Beleen: His name is Eros, and he's going to help me whip up the most amazing potion!

Eros: Yes! With this spell, I can make you the object of your target's desire.

Hero: Gee, I don't see how this could possibly go wrong.

Beleen: I know, right? This is gonna be the best Heroes Heart Day ever!

Hero: I was being sarcastic.

«Beleen hyping up Eros»

Beleen: Don't worry, Eros. You're gonna do great!

«Scene fades»

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