Senior Lorekeeper
You caught me off the clock, but I don't mind. Even a library can get too quiet, and knowledge doesn't mean anything if you can't use or discuss it. Rest and chat for a while. The other Scholars and I will travel either alongside you, or go ahead if we catch any leads concerning the three threats. Lore's history stretches long, and these tumultuous times will become weathered chapters in my tomes.

Should you come across books of interest, hand them to me and I will archive them in this library. Your allies will do the same, if they wish to share knowledge with you. Do you read with a cup of tea or coffee? Tea is the wrong answer, and if you want leaves, you'll have to beg from Lady Celestia or get them yourself. Hmmhmm, I'm fooling around, but I do hold your preferences against you.

Before the Queen called on me - in fact, long before the Queen's mother was born - I lived as a nomad. Knowledge is power, and there is much to be gained from hoarding information or erasing it. Elves live too long, and have seen too much. If I did not move constantly, those who revel in Evil and those who claim to be Good would capture me, and take my knowledge to use for their own ends.

In between journeys, I have taken on budding scholars as students. Maya is one of the brightest and kindest. She could fill a book by the time she was five, and before I knew it, she was an adult and outranked me as a Loremaster. Ranks and fame do not interest me, and I am relieved that Maya is still the same curious child she was decades ago. It gives me some semblance of hope for a good future.

Location: Termina Temple


Thanks to Amduscia.

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