«Scene: the Hero and Teja stand in a burning room»

Hero: The fire is blocking the way out!

Teja: Get to the roof!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Teja and the Hero on the roof»

Hero: Whoo! It's really getting hot up here.
Hero: We've got to find a way down!

Teja: Not until I get me eye back from that bilge rat!

«Screen pans left to show Bloodbone in the doorway»

First Mate Bloodbone: Teja! What have ye done?

Teja: Taken a stand against this betrayal!
Teja: The Shadowlord will be here soon. When he finds out about this…

First Mate Bloodbone: He'll do nothing.
First Mate Bloodbone: Did you think YOU were important, Teja? He never needed you.
First Mate Bloodbone: He needed the eye.

Teja: Lies! He made ME captain! You were MY crew!

First Mate Bloodbone: Aye, it was easier to work with ye than against ye, if you were goin' te cooperate.
First Mate Bloodbone: But it ye're not?
First Mate Bloodbone: No reason a first mate can't get a promotion.

Teja: This is mutiny!

First Mate Bloodbone: Yes.

«More pirates stand behind Bloodbone»

First Mate Bloodbone: It is.

«Scene fades»

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