Murder Hornets!



«Scene: Hero and Aurelio Voltaire on Screen 1 of Nightmare War with Oishii»

Oishii: <Hero>! Voltaire! I've been looking all over for you!
Oishii: Where the heck have you been?? The feast is about to start!

Hero: Oh, you know. Just battling sentient flying squid-beasts in the Nightmare Realm.

Aurelio Voltaire: I can't believe we made it back in time for the harvest feast!
Aurelio Voltaire: Thanks to the all-nighter I pulled that started all of this, I've already got everything prepared.

Oishii: Well, that's really great…
Oishii: But someone's gonna have to do something about all of that!

«Scene fades»
«Close up on Murder Hornets»

Oishii: Murder hornets…

«Scene fades»
«Close up on Zombie Cicadas»

Oishii: Zombie cicadas…

«Scene fades»
«Close up on Brain-Eating Amoebas»

Oishii: Brain-eating amoebas!

«Scene fades»
«Back to Oishii, Hero and Voltaire on Screen 1 of Nightmare War»

Oishii: Who even HAS a nightmare like this?

Memet: Heh.

Hero: Don't worry, Oishii. We'll make sure this year's harvest feast goes as smoothly as ever!

Oishii: Ugh, <Hero>, that's what I'm afraid of!

«Scene fades»

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