Yami no Ronin Trainer
In the hands of the Yamo no Ronin, any blade can become cursed. I am Muramasa, a forgemaster first and foremost, cursed to wander forever restless by the souls destroyed by my blades – but today, I will guide you in becoming the deadliest blade in the realm of the living and the dead. The Lord of the Underworld has forged a new path to harnessing dark power, and wants you to tread it.

What is Yami no Ronin?
In response to Shadowflame infecting Lore, Dage the Evil decided that might makes right. He forged deadly blades to match duelists who can cut down the living, the dead, the monstrous, and the divine. It isn’t just dark power that the Yami no Ronin are known for. Their skill overcomes all challenges, and renders all masters unworthy. This is a fairly new path, and few have the ability to walk it.

How to Get?
If you’re a member of the Legion, you can talk to Dage in /darkally and begin his quest line to unlock the Yami no Ronin class. If you are Rank 10 Blademaster or Swordmaster, you can unlock a shortcut quest that allows you to obtain the Class faster.

- Dark Ally

How to Use?
Recommended Enhancement: Thief, Lucky.
Yami no Ronins begin combat with incredibly high Dodge. As they battle, they gain stacks of Flash, which increase their damage, but lower their Dodge. However, they can reverse this effect by using their Jigen Kogeki skill. To deal maximum damage, use Tachi to get your Ichi, Ni, and San buffs, then use Jigen Kogeki right before your Yami aura expires.

Location: Class Hall D


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