Inversionist and Necromancer Professor
I'm Mueran the Inversionist of the School of Necromancy. If you'd like to watch your enemies wither and decay before your eyes, seek me out after your initial training.

After completing the 'Welcome to Dragonrune Hall' quest:

Inversionist and Necromancer Professor
Your undying spirit intrigues me. Call me Mueran, Dragonrune Hall's Necromancer Professor. I have dedicated my life… and afterlife… to understanding the interworking of the Undead. With my help, you too can become a proficient Necromancer. Let's start meddling in these dark arts, shall we?

Necromancy is not for the faint of heart. You must channel your inner darkness in order to control the dark creatures at your disposal. You mist keep your wits as a Necromancer so that you do not meet the same fate as your Undead Minions… Now that you know, we can begin your training.

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