Mountain Cutscene 2


«Scene: Hero and the members of ArcAttack stand in the destroyed lab.»

Hero: So, Vordred is… gone?
Hero: You mean he just up and walked out?
Hero: And is more powerful than ever?!

King Beat: The internal structure of the subject defies logic.
King Beat: His creature discarded all known genetic formula in his manufacture.
King Beat: Further study is required for total comprehension.

Joe: I don't want to study him.

John: I want to DISSECT him!

7: On the bright side, we've got YEARS worth of data we can use to extrapolate new hypotheses!

Sam: You were a big help, Hero. Sure you don't want to stay and work with us?

«Hero holds up guitar.»

Hero: I won't be needing this where I'm going.
Hero: I didn't anticipate making Vordred even MORE powerful with my addition.
Hero: I've got to go. I have a friend and the world to save.
Hero: I will not fail.
Hero: If Vordred triumphs, all will be lost for those who love magic, SCIENCE… and Life itself.

Joe: Stay for one more set, Hero.

John: We've got energy to spare and share. And you'll need it for the coming battle.

«Hero rocks out with ArcAttack one last time.»

«Scene fades»

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