Mount Doomskull (Cutscene)


«Scene fades in: Mount Doom Skull. The Chaos Portal is visible in the background. It glows purple.»
«SFX: Wind blows.»

~Mount Doom Skull~

«Lightning flashes.»
«SFX: Music starts playing.»

5 years in the making….

The time has finally come. . …

«Scene fades. Change to a close up of the Chaos Portal. Drakath stands in front of it, silhouetted. The screen slowly pans upwards, as the runes on the portal light up in succession. The final rune does not light up, and the portal flashes purple.»

The 13 Lords of Chaos

The Final Stand.

«Scene fades. Screen pans left on a close-up of Drakath, holding his sword. He laughs.»

Drakath: HA HA HA HA!!!!! I have been waiting for this moment hero…

«Scene fades. The Chaos Portal is now seen from a distance. The Hero is watching this with their back to the screen.»

Drakath: HA HA HA HA!!!!!

«Scene fades.»

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