Motive, Malice, Magic


«Hero and Conn in Pettivox's dungeon»

Hero: Veeeeery interesting. Have you ever heard of STEALING magic, Conn?
Hero: I imagine your apprenticeship has exposed you to more bits of obscure magical history than I've learned.
Hero: Listen to this -

Conn: That explains the missing mages, doesn't it? Me, I'd suspect Pettivox, what with the book being in his dungeon.
Conn: And him being all power-hungry and so full of himself - you wouldn't know, being new to town - he's one who thinks his stinks could pass for perfume.

Hero: *wry smile* For someone so young, you certainly have a decided way with words.

Conn: I'm a street rat. My fingers are quicker than my tongue. And they're itching to open that door over there.

Hero: Then let's get to it, we're wasting time. You're more familiar with this place and Pettivox. I trust your instincts.

«Hero slashes with his sword»

Conn: I think I can help, <Hero>. I said my fingers were quick, and I don't lie.
Conn: Why bother magicking THIS door when the first one's so secure? Give me two shakes of an eel's tail.

«Conn picklocks the door and they enter, inside Mercuria, Alina, Rayts, Cleric Dawn, and Blakk all tied to stone poles»

Conn: These are magicked. I'm not going to pick THESE locks. And look -
Conn: I think this batch has already been drained.

Dawn: Ooooo-oooh. … <Hero>? Is that… you? I feel so… so weak.

Hero: Don't worry, Dawn! We're going to get you out of here. This is Conn, he's a quick one. We've got Warlic and Cysero to help, too.

Dawn: N-No. Can't… free us… yet. HE will know you've been here. Listen - you too, C-Conn.
Dawn: I heard HIM talking… after - after he RIPPED - *shudder*

Conn: Your magic from you?

Dawn: We'll recover in time, if we're not severed entirely. *sob*
Dawn: Listen, PLEASE! I sense the deorysa returning. I'll tell you what I remember, and then go, quickly. Just… come back for us.

«Scene fades»

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