Mortal Oracle of Misfortune


Location: Featured Gear Shop (January 2023) - Game Menu
Price: 800 AC

  • First 24 Hours: 720 AC
  • After 24 Hours: 200 AC

Rarity: Rare Rarity
Description: Your fortune reads: You have the power to overcome your own misfortune. Never give up. Always keep fighting." ("Ni you ke'fu kun'nan de li'liang, bie fang'qi, jian'chi dao'di!")

  • Shìjiè (世界) means "World" in Chinese.
  • Sòng zhōng (送钟) means "Sending Clocks" in Chinese.
  • Zhōu wǔshísān (周五 十三) means "Friday the 13th" in Chinese.
  • Juéwàng (绝望) means "despair" in Chinese.
  • Hèn tòng (恨痛) means hatred and pain in Chinese.
  • Nù (怒) means anger in Chinese.
  • Zāi (灾) means disaster in Chinese.
  • Zhàn (战) means war in Chinese.
  • Shī (失) means loss in Chinese.
  • Also see ChronoOracle of Misfortune.

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