Mort & Swaggy


Undead Moglins
Mort: Who's this hero?

Swaggy: No idea, and they are TOTALLY lost. Should we help them?

Mort: Uh…. no. Muahahahahaha.

After completing the 'Defeat Shrade!' quest:

Undead Moglins
Mort: I can't believe that Shrade guy is actually mad at us.

Swaggy: I know, right? NO sense of humor.

After completing the 'Energizing!' quest:

Undead Moglins
Mort: It was Shrade! It was Shrade! I knew it!

Swaggy: We got the heck away from him, though. VROOM!

After completing the 'Surprise!' quest:

Undead Moglins
Mort: It's not that we're scared.

Swaggy: It's just that we don't want to die.

Mort: We know you understand.

After completing the 'Take Him Out!' quest:

Undead Moglins
Mort: HA! I knew Shrade would never catch us. We are INVINCIBLE!

Swaggy: YEA! No one can defeat the undead moglins!

Location: Greymoor

Thanks to ShatteredReality.

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