Moon Caller


«Hero and LunarMancer confronting Gravefang, Gravefang attacks, LunarMancer attacks, Gravefang falls»

Hero: *pant* Luny, ENOUGH! It doesn't affect him like you think

Gravefang: Grrrrrrowwwl I cannot be harmed by moonlight.
Gravefang: But if you ARE so powerful, little MoonCaller -

(At the same time) LunarMancer: I AM! Hero: He IS!

Gravefang: Then you are a fool to wish destruction on this land, little MoonMan.
Gravefang: Direct your energy outward. Towards assessing the real threat.
Gravefang: The SheBeast that stalks the Night.
Gravefang: She has summoned my children, the Abyssal Horde, to her side.

Hero: And the rest of the Vampire Clans? Were they called, too?
Hero: Vampire Queen Solani's minions have been quiet, but surely she knows of this…

Gravefang: Grrrrrooowwwwllll That bloodbag? She knows. She's been summoned. She's refused.

Hero: Ooooooooh (Sun) Burn! That's going to turn out badly.

Gravefang: WE were on the move to meet with the Monster Queen's agent when your ritual summonsed us here instead.
Gravefang: If your moon-touched friend hadn't attacked me, I'd have thanked you for saving my strength in the travel spell.

LunarMancer: You're welcome!

Gravefang: I would hear of this… *sniff* Queen who calls herself MY mother. NOW.
Gravefang: I go, with the Horde. If we meet again, I may not be so… kind.
Gravefang: Or so quick to leave your friend with all his powers intact.
Gravefang: Apologies for my children. They seem to have… turned some of your villagers.

LunarMancer: MOON-MONKEY!!!! Return once you have finished, and we will resume - THE RITUAL!

Hero: If I didn't want to see what happened so much, I would be out of here SO FAST…

«Scene fades»

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