Moon Called

Paladin Golem
Lesson 5: If Warlic Golem's lesson is the simplest, mine may be the most important. Remember these words, Hero: Sacrifice may be needed to save a world… or the life of someone you love. Now go, you battle the Carnax Construct, the first Proto-Chaos Beast.

Who am I?
I would be named Moon Called, of course, a Paladin. My Otherself is a friend to another Artix in that other time.

She wouldn't admit this, but I know her thoughts and memories. She learned all of her motivational skills from him… and so have I. Now get in there and BATTLE ON! /cheer

What is a… Proto-Chaos Beast? That doesn't sound good AT ALL!

Do not ask me what that means; I do not know. My master wished to explain it himself. But… he does not look well, so you may have a wait ahead of you.

- Moon Called's Quest




Thanks to Malak93 and Shal.

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