Montezuma's Revenge


Note: "Montezuma's revenge" is a colloquialism for traveler's diarrhea in visitors to Mexico.

«Scene: Inside of Glutus' stomach - it's shaking»

Hero: It sounds like those laxatives are already working!

Falgar: Here it comes! Brace yourselves!

«Scene fades»

«Glutus wakes up»

«Glutus sweats»

«Glutus spews diarrhea everywhere, releasing the Hero, Falgar, and Galanoth»

Hero: Auuuugh… why did I ever agree to this?

Falgar: Yes! My mission is complete!

Galanoth: Don't get too comfortable just yet. We still have a dragon to slay!
Galanoth: Glutus! Your reign of terror IS OVER! YOU WILL PAY for all the lives you have taken!

«Scene changes to a significantly less bloated Glutus»

Hero: Ha, ha! The laxatives DEFLATED him! He doesn't look so scary now!
Hero: Man, I almost feel bad about this.

Galanoth: Don't. Remember what he has done.
Galanoth: If we don't end this now, it will happen again.

Hero: Yeah, but I mean, he really is kind of pathetic, and-

«Scene zooms up to show Glutus next to the Hero and Galanoth»

Hero: Maybe I spoke too soon.

Glutus: You can laugh all you want.
Glutus: I still have fire. I still have claws.
Glutus: All you've done is make me angry… and HUNGRY.

Galanoth: Savage monstrosity! I am the head of the Order of the Dragonslayers! I will END you!

«Scene fades»

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