«Scene: Hero, Trouble, Toil, Bubble (The Human), and Bubble (The Black Cat) in front of the Candy Shoppe talking.»

Toil: I can't believe that this is happening. It seems to get worse every year.

Bubble (The Black Cat): *mew*

Bubble (The Human): Bubble is right… We have to get back in our Candy Shoppe before it's destroyed!

Hero: Wait. Which one of you is Bubble, you or the cat?

Bubble (The Human): We both are. We're twin sisters… but she was changed into a cat a long time ago and decided to stay that way.

Hero: Ok… but you're twin sisters with the same name?

Trouble: Our parents were not the most creative people.

Hero: …?

Toil: Back to the problem at hand. Those Moglinsters are destroying our Candy Shoppe; you've got to stop them!

Hero: Moglinsters?

«Scene moves to The Moglinsters in the Candy Shoppe eating the candy.»

Toil: A few years ago we began making candy for Mogloween using our secret family recipe…
Toil: …but thanks to a mix up, the FIRST batch had a strange effect on Moglins.

«A Moglin runs out.»

Trouble: The local Moglin population underwent amazing transformations and became the candy-crazed monsters that we call Moglinsters.

Bubble (The Black Cat): *mew*

«A green Moglin came runs in and the screen flashes showing a recipe being made in the background.»

Bubble (The Human): That's right, sister. We fixed the recipe but it was too late. When a Moglin gets even a sniff of our candy they still change into Moglinsters.

«The green Moglin grows and transforms into a Moglinster, the scene moves back to where the other Moglins were and shows that they have become Moglinsters.»

Trouble: The Moglinsters are even more insane than usual and they've overtaken our Candy Shoppe and factory!

«A green Moglinster picks up a barrel and throws it.»
«The screen zooms in on the doom cauldron.»

Bubble (The Human): Worst of all our beloved magical doom cauldron, Myx is stuck in there with them!

Trouble: If only we had Myx with us we might be able to work on a soothing candy to calm the Moglinsters down until Mogloween has passed and they return to normal!

«Screen fades out and goes back to Hero, Trouble, Toil, Bubble (The Human), and Bubble (The Black Cat) talking in front of the Candy Shoppe.»

Toil: What do you say? Do you think you can clear out our Candy Shoppe, save Myx and find out why they are acting more candy-crazed than usual?

«Scene fades.»

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