Mixing the Potion


«Scene: Hero stands next to the trapped villagers in the giant's house»

Hero: I got all the herbs, but I'm not sure how to make the potion.

Doggit: I know how to make the Smuurvil Knock-Out Potion!

Hero: That's convenient. How could you possibly know that?

Doggit: It all started a long time ago in my home village…

«Scene fades»

Langlee: No!
Langlee: No way, man!

«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

Hero: What is it NOW?

Langlee: We are not doing the flashback within a flashback thing.
Langlee: Gets crazy complicated that way, man.

Hero: Yeah, I guess you're right.
Hero: Long story short…

All except Hero: Too late!

Hero: Long story… slightly longer… we made the Smuurvil Knock-Out Potion right then and there.
Hero: But that was the easy part.
Hero: The hard part was making my way across the dinner table and sneaking it…
Hero: …into the giant's SOUP!

«Dramatic sound effect»

«Scene fades»

Langlee: We didn't really need that "Dun dun DUN!" sound effect.
Langlee: It's just soup, man.

«Scene fades»

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