Mister Sandman


«Scene: The Hero and the DREAMERS standing in front of a portal»

Nick: This is it! The space between realms…

Jacob: Between our collective subconscious and the waking world of Lore.

Nelson: Who would have thought it was as easy as opening a door?

«Screen wipe - right to left: The Hero and the DREAMERS on the other side of the portal»

Hero: Whoa.

Nick: I know this place. I’ve dreamed it before.

Nelson: So have I. We’ve GOT to be on the right path.

Hero: But… where do we even go from here?

Jacob: We follow the flow. It will take us where we need to be.
Jacob: Unless…

«Scene: The Sandman rises in front of the group»

Nelson: Unless the Sandman doesn’t want to let us wake up!

Hero: Aw, come on, man! We’ve come so far!

Nick: I guess we wouldn’t need a hero if there wasn’t a big boss to fight!

«Scene fades»

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