Mission Complete


«Scene: black screen fringed with red»

Internal Security Monitor
Playback Sequence Active

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hyperium parked next to the Moon Yard»

«J6 stands next to the ramp»

H.A.L.: Incoming message from Hyperium's Artificial Life…do you wish to respond?

J6: Yes, H.A.L. You know I always do.

H.A.L.: Device is 96% complete.
H.A.L.: Remaining requirement is the necessary power source.
H.A.L.: Without core component, device cannot function. Without operation, the goal in compatible with success.

J6: I know that, H.A.L. I *know* that. But where can I FIND a power source like that?

Strange Voice: I… I know, maybe. It might work for you…

«Scene fades»

«Screen zooms in on a shadowed figure standing in a jail cell»

«The figure is revealed to be wearing J6's current outfit»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: H.A.L.»

H.A.L.: Secondary mission has failed due to course alteration required for completion of tertiary mission.
H.A.L.: Secondary objective is unattainable.

«Scene: J6 piloting the Hyperium»

J6: It's been 5,000 YEARS, H.A.L.
J6: I am so close! I… cannot stop now. Not for anything!

H.A.L.: Delete secondary objective failure and all associated data from Memory Archive Retrieval System?

J6: Affirmative.

«Scene fades»

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