Miss Beleen is Missing


One week ago…

«Scene: Beleen's Dream Island»

… Beleen and her faithful Knight, Sir Racha, being setting up for Valentine's Day…
… on the mysterious pink isle known as Beleen's Dream Island.

Beleen: Heroes Heart Day is one week away! Whooohoo!

Sir Racha: Yes, I know. You've been saying that all day.

Beleen: I'm just sooo excited! This year I'm FINALLY finding a Valentine!

Sir Racha: How are you going to choose out of millions of heroes?

Beleen: Simple! I'm holding a little competition to see who is the most worthy.

Sir Racha: OOOOHHHHHH!!!!

Beleen: OOOOHHHHHH!!!!
Beleen: I'm placing this Crystallized Cherry atop Red Velvet Cake Mountain.
Beleen: And whoever is the first to find this legendary cherry…
Beleen: …will be my Valentine!

Sir Racha: Can I enter your Valentine contest?

Beleen: Tehehe! Oh Sir Racha, you're so silly. You're my best friend!

A few days ago…

«Scene: Beleen's secret admirer house»

???: Beleen… Beleen… you're the queen of all my dreams…
???: … and you shall be MINE!

«Scene: Beleen's Dream Island»

Beleen: ???

Beleen: Oooh! A present from a secret admirer!

«Beleen opens the present»

Beleen: OMG OMG OMG! A Bulloon!!! He's so adoraBULL!

«Beleen's Bulloon flies away»
«Beleen catchs it»
«Screen fades to black»

Beleen: AHHHH!!!


«Scene: Mythsong»

Villager: Beleen's gone!

«Scene: Dwarfhold Keep»

Villager: Where did Beleen go?

«Scene: Tower of Magic»

Villager: Beleen's missing!

Villager: No Beleen = No Heroes Heart Day!

«Scene: Hero and Sir Racha»

Sir Racha: Beleen's missing!

Hero: Did you check Starbucks?

Sir Racha: I've checked everywhere! But she's vanished!

Hero: How is there going to be a Heroes Heart Day without her? She's been planning this release now for weeks.

Sir Racha: That's why I need YOUR help.
Sir Racha: Come with me to Beleen's Dream Island. We need to follow the clues leading to her disappearance!
Sir Racha: Beleen only wanted to find her true love on Heroes Heart Day…
Sir Racha: …but if we don’t find HER in time, then she will NEVER love again!

«Screen fades»

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