«Scene: At the bottom of the Death Pits»

«Hero defeats the Wrathful Vestis. Lionfang reaches for the chest»

Hero: NO!

«Hero tries to move, but the Wrathful Vestis grabs them. Lionfangs takes a blue vial out of the chest.»

Lionfang: Ah, finally…the Tears Of The Mother.
Lionfang: The power to defeat Chaos is in my hand.

Hero: Lionfang, stop! Madra told me that the tears…

Lionfang: Those evil creatures would save anything to keep this power to themselves.
Lionfang: But I will use it to destroy Drakath.
Lionfang: You should really thank me, <Hero>.

«Hero slashes at Wrathful Vestis to free themselves and then lunges at Lionfang, who vanishes.»


Hero: AHHHHHH! I was so close!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero with Logash's ghost»

Hero: I'm sorry, Logash.
Hero: I've trapped you here forever.
Hero: Your spirit can never rest.

«Screen zooms in seeing Logash pointing to a rock.»

Hero: Huh?
Hero: That rock?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero lifts a rock off the ground, showing a vial underneath it»

Hero: Is… is this…?

«Hero holds out the vial»

Logash: Our most sacred relic.
Logash: The tears shed by the Mother of All Monsters when she was still human.
Logash: Lionfang fell for a very pretty distraction. Those are the real thing.
Logash: The Mother gave rise to our race and almost every other monster race on Lore.
Logash: Now her precious tears are in your care.

Hero: How do I use them?

Logash: Use them to destroy Lionfang.
Logash: Avenge the Darkblood people… the Mother's children.

Hero: The Primarch said that I might use them to cure King Alteon.

Logash: Their power has been given to you. You just decide how best to use them.

Hero: I need to think.

Logash: Don't take long. You time is short… and mine has run out. Now I can take my rest.
Logash: Thank you for helping me keep my oath, <Hero>.

«Logash vanishes»

«Scene fades»

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