Mirror Realm Invasion


«Dage the Evil in the Underworld»

Dage the Evil: Undead Legion. Shadowscythe. Evil allies from across Lore.
Dage the Evil: Imagine a world where *I* am Good, and YOU fight for justice and love.
Dage the Evil: NO. This… Mirror Realm ruled by Dage the Good WILL NOT stand.
Dage the Evil: We have allies waiting for us, ready to take him down, and divide the spoils.
Dage the Evil: *laughs* And you know how well WE share!

«Warriors of Evil raise their axes in chant. Scene changes to Queen of Monsters in the left seen through a purple fog»

Long before she was freed from her Chaos prison, the Queen of Monsters plotted; fear WOULD spread, and she would feed.

«Dage the Evil translucent appears in the right»

Her whispers reached beyond her prison, seeking receptive minds.

«Scene changes to Bright Fortress's throneroom with Alteon and Chronomancer»

And when she found them, she helped them see how they could help her.

War is coming to the Other Realm. The Wolf Queen is the key to your victory. Keep her safe.

«Scene fades into same scene, but this time with chained Safiria»

Safiria: How long are you planning to keep me here? It's been MONTHS!

Chronomancer: Ungrateful puppy. You SHOULD be dead. Your twin in the other realm is.
Chronomancer: It's the mirror-twin effect. What happens to one, happens to the other.

Alteon: *cough*

Chronomancer: Ahem. Except YOU, Your Higness. Monster Queen be praised!
Chronomancer: You should THANK his Highness and the Monster Queen, too.
Chronomancer: If he hadn't ordered me to imprison you in the Time Lock… you'd be dust. And we wouldn't be able to do THIS!

«Chronomancer hurts Safiria»

Safiria: *gasp* Wha- WHAT are you doing?!


Chronomancer: One single being disobeying the laws of time, allows time, space, and all the points in-between to be ripped open!

«Chronomancer casts a spell, making a portal to Dage the Evil»

Chronomancer: Scream all you want, mutt. THAT is a bridge to the Other Realm. And YOUR life-energy is what's keeping it open.

Alteon: And once it does, my new ally and his armies of Evil will flood into this world.
Alteon: His army will drive out that over-polished upstart, Dage the Good. And then *I* will rule.

«Scene changes to portal in Bright Fortress out of it comes an army, then scene changes to a screen of text, with Memet the Nightmare Moglin and Dage the Good in the background»

As you sleep after your latest battle, Memet the Nightmare Moglin Invades your dreams with a dire message from Dage the Good, one of the Lords of the Mirror Realm…

Greetings, my friend.. Our worlds are in grave danger! At some point in the past, King Alteon the Imbalanced kidnapped Lycan Queen Safiria. With the death of the Vampire Queen in your world, her continued existence has upset the balance between the realms… Enough for a bridge between our worlds to be created. Again. I fear Dage the Evil and Alteon the Imbalanced have allied, and are massing to attack. I do not care whose side you are on. If both Dages occupy the Mirror Realm for any extended length of time, the very fabric of the universe will begin to unravel! WE NEED your help!

«Scene changes to Hero in the Underworld looking at the portal»

Hero: Alright, Dage the Good said that he and Dage the Evil can't exist in the same world.
Hero: So. I just need to stop the war. Send Dage the Evil and his army BACK here.
Hero: And close a dimensional rift. Permanently. Piece of bakery! *shudder*
Hero: Here goes everything.

«Hero jumps into the portal»

«Scene fades»

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