Mirror Realm 9


Note: This cutscene is voiced.

«Scene: Mirror Drakath, The 13 Lords of Order, Paul, Storm, and Hero talking in Battleoff.»

Drakath: I can't thank you enough hero.

Hero: Glad to help, Drakath.
Hero: I had better get back soon. I have my own world to save.
Hero: From you, as a matter of fact…

Drakath: Good luck! Does the version of me in your world also have the ability to… never mind.

Hero: Wait.. what…?

Storm: We're ready to send you back whenever you're ready to go, hero.

Paul: Listen, it's not much but anytime we're playing your dimension, you've got a ticket to the show.

Hero: I save two worlds, and I get free concert tickets.

Storm: We could probably get you a free t-shirt too. What's your size?

Hero: HA! That's OK. But whoever you guys need help, just call.

Paul: You got it, hero!

Storm: So long!

«Hero disappears through a portal in the air. Hero falls from the sky back to the birthday party where he started in Greenguard Forest.»

Hero: I hope you saved me a slice….

«Screen zooms in on Twig who is laying on the table over a mostly eaten birthday cake.»

George Lowe: … and everyone in the mirror universe lived happily ever after. Except undead Artix. He was sort of dead to begin with. *sniff sniff sniff* That would account for the smell.

«Screen zooms out to reveal Hero, Twig, and Artix.»

Artix: Greetings and saluUUWHAT!.. Un. Dead. Artix?
Artix: … and you did not take me to fight him?
Artix: I want to fight Undead Artix!!!!!

«Artix falls to his knees.»

Artix: I am so jealous of you!!!!!!!!!

«Screen fades out.»

George Lowe: Thanks for another great year of adventuring.. and questing. Happy birthday AdventureQuest Worlds!
George Lowe: What's next? Mogloween? What is that… sounds like some sort of glow in the dark window cleaner.

From the bottom of our hearts, Thanks for making AQWords the best game on the web! Here's to another GREAT year! -Artix, Cysero, Beleen and the AE team!

«Scene fades»

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