Mirror Realm 8


Note: This cutscene is voiced.

«Scene: Undead Artix and Hero battling in the Mirror Realm's Swordhaven Castle.»
«Undead Artix swings his axe at Hero. Hero dodges and jumps up on Undead Artix. Hero slams down with his weapon on Undead Artix's head. Undead Artix's head falls off. Screen moves to Mirror Drakath and Hero who is holding Undead Artix's Weapon.»

Drakath: Over there! Break the spell!

«Hero and Mirror Drakath throw the spell components at the prison holding the Lords of Order. The screen flashes and the prison bars disappear, freeing the Lords of Order.»

Wolfwing: We're free!

Escherion: I told you Drakath would find a way to rescue us.

Vath: Looks like he recruited some help.

«Screen moves to show Alteon. Alteon walks off screen.»

«Scene fades»

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