Mirror Realm 7


Note: This cutscene is voiced.

«Scene: Hero, Paul, and Storm talking in Battleoff.»

Paul: Two down, one to go!

Storm: Way to live up to the hype, hero!

«Screen flashes and Mirror Drakath appears.»

Hero: Drakath! You look terrible!

Drakath: Thanks.
Drakath: Great work! All you need is the last spell component.
Drakath: The situation is more dire than I thought. If I had chosen anyone else to help me…

Paul: Well, your options were pretty much limited to the ONE PERSON who didn't have an alternate so…OOF!

«Storm elbows Paul in the sternum.»

Drakath: With your help, both of our worlds might see another day.

Hero: So what is last on the list?

Storm: Let's see. Crown of Blood, check. Platinum Feather, check…. the only thing left now is the… uh oh..

Hero: What is it?

Paul: It's the Shadowreaper of DOOM! The most evil weapon ever!

Hero: Why is that so bad?

Drakath: Because it's currently in the hands of Alteon the Imbalanced's greatest champion…
Drakath: Undead Artix!

Hero: WHAT?!?!

Drakath: Yes. In your world Artix battles the undead… but here, Artix IS THE GREATEST UNDEAD.

Hero: Artix is a DoomKnight?

Drakath: No… he is an Undead DoomPaladin and he leads Alteon's undead army.

Paul: You are going to have to go to Alteon's secret lair on Skullcrusher Mountain.

Hero: Don't you mean "we" are going to have to go?

Storm: Yeeeaaah. About that. Ya know what? We're kind of beat. All this hopping around realities…

Paul: Yeah, and we've got… Chores. You know. To do.

Storm: Oh, and a gig tonight!

Paul: Yeah! Good one! What… What he said!

Hero: So that's it? I'm on my own?

Storm: Oh, no way! We wouldn't do that to you!

Paul: Our friend Jonathan Coulton will meet you there! He'll help you.

Hero: Great! What can he do?

Paul: Sing.

Storm: Good luck!

«Scene fades»

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