Mirror Realm 5


Note: This cutscene is voiced.

«Scene: Mirror Safiria and Hero talking in Lightovia.»

Safiria: Ah, you must be the hero who is trying so hard to impress me.

Hero: this is so weird… you are the Vampire Queen where I come from.

Safiria: VAMPIRES! How dare you speak such cruel words! I would never side with a vampire!

Hero: Safiria, Queen of the… uh… Werewolves. I have come to ask you for the Crown of Blood.

Safiria: Many have some seeking my greatest treasure, but none have…asked for it before.

Hero: It's a matter of great importance. If you give me the crown I might be able to stop King Alteon from destroying the world.

Safiria: I took that crown right off Vampire King Constantin's head when I defeated him. If you want it, you will have to earn it.

Hero: In battle?

Safiria: In battle!

Hero: Why can't you people ever want to have, like, a Scrabble tournament or something?

«Scene fades»

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