Mirror Realm 3


Note: This cutscene is voiced.

«Scene: Mirror Cysero, Mirror Warlic, Hero, Paul, and Storm talking in the Science Shop.»

Warlic: GREETINGS hero, Drakath said to expect you.

Cysero: Good Day.

Hero: So, what ideas do you guys have to free the Lords of Order?

Warlic: It was a pretty interesting challenge, actually. The vibrations of Alteon's shadow magic is…

Cysero: Get to the point, Warlic.

Warlic: RIGHT! Right. Well, we did some research. We found a spell in Cysero's library that might do the trick.

Cysero: The reagents for the spell will be difficult to obtain.

Hero: Do you have some kind of crazy invention that will help me?

«Screen zooms in on Mirror Cysero.»
«A red and orange question mark flashes above Mirror Cysero's head.»

Cysero: Crazy invention?

«Screen moves to Hero.»

Hero: Yeah, like a gooseberry jelly of invisibility? Or some kind of lunar powered barrel that does… something. Why are you looking at me like that?

«Screen zooms out to reveal Cysero, Warlic, Hero, Paul, and Storm in the Science Shop.»

Cysero: That is silly. Can we focus on the task at hand, please?

Hero: Yeah, sure. Sorry.

Warlic: So…right. So, check it out. You're going to need three powerful magic items, right?

Cysero: Here is the list. Get them and return quickly. We don't have time to waste.

«Scene fades»

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