Mirror Realm 2


Note: This cutscene is voiced.

Welcome to
The Mirror Realm
(Just in case you missed that)

«Hero, Paul, and Storm fall to the ground in the Mirror Realm's BattleOff from a portal.»

«Scene: Hero, Paul, and Storm talking in BattleOff.»

Paul: …aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake! Rats.

Hero: So this is the Mirror Realm? That makes sense. Battleon is backwards here.

Storm: Actually this is…

???: Welcome to BATTLEOFF, hero.

«Screen moves to Mirror Drakath.»


«Screen moves to Mirror Drakath, Hero, Paul, and Storm in BattleOff.»

Drakath: Wait! Let me…

Hero: Saul and Corn, get behind me! I'll handle this villain!

Storm: Actually, it's Paul and…

Paul: FREEZE! Everyone just slow your respective rolls.
Paul: We told you that we were sent by this world's greatest hero to find you.
Paul: This is him.

«Screen zooms in on Mirror Drakath, who smiles and waves.»
«Screen zooms out showing Mirror Drakath, Hero, Paul, and Storm, in BattleOff.»

Hero: This is going to take some getting used to.

Storm: Drakath, maybe you should explain.

«Screen zooms in on Mirror Drakath.»

Drakath: In your world I'm sure King Alteon is a kind and wise ruler, but on this side… He's an insane tyrant who threatens to destroy the world.
Drakath: The Evil King Alteon the Imbalanced seized the throne from my father when I was just a boy, and ever since then my friends and I have been fighting to free the land from this rule.
Drakath: A few months ago his undead army marched into Gravelyn The Good's fortress of Shadowhaven and imprisoned her.

Hero: This is so backwards…

Drakath: A few days ago, he managed to capture my friends…the Lords of Order. I barely managed to escape.
Drakath: They are held captive in some sort of shadow prison. I need you to free them!

«Screen zooms out to show Mirror Drakath, Hero, Paul, and Storm in BattleOff again.»

Hero: Why me?

Drakath: Two reasons. First, With the Lords of Order gone, I am the only person standing between Alteon's Undead Army and the few free lands. I can't be in two places at once.

Hero: And the second reason?

Paul: In the entire multiverse, you are the only you.

Storm: It's the reason you are able to come to the Mirror Realm. If there was a mirror version of you, you'd have to switch places with them.

Drakath: Because there is no version of you in this world, Alteon will never see you coming.

Hero: Wait, how are Paul and Storm able to cross over without switching with their alternates?

Paul: We're not from the multiverse.

Storm: We grew up in a small suburb just outside of the multiverse.

Hero: That doesn't make any sense! Doesn't the multiverse contain everything in creation?

Paul: Heh, listen to the big meta-physics expert over here.

Storm: That's what they used to say about the universe.

Drakath: Alteon the Imbalanced plans on using the combined power of the Lords of Order to blow a hole in the fabric of reality and let raw CHAOS flood into the world.

Hero: That rings a bell.

Drakath: That threatens BOTH of our worlds. If this world is destroyed, it will unbalance your world. Your reality will start to unravel.
Drakath: You are unique in all the multiverse. You are the only person in any reality who can save our worlds.

Hero: Alright, where do we start?

«Scene fades»

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