Mirror Realm 1

Locations & Replays:

Note: This cutscene is voiced.

«Scene: Hero and Twig in front of AQWorlds birthday cake at a birthday party celebrating the 2nd birthday of AQWorlds.»

George Lowe: Whew… what a year. 4 Chaos Lords… Stats… PvP…. New classes… live events. Today we join our heroes as AQWorlds is preparing to celebrate its second birthday. Huh huh - What could possibly go wrong?

Twig: This is wooking GWEAT! Twig can’t wait for cake!

Hero: First we decorate, THEN we eat cake.

Twig: We could do both at the same time…

Hero: I suppose we could. Besides, we did all this hard work, we deserve a treat.

«Hero starts walking towards the cake.»
«Hero stops all of a sudden when Paul and Storm appear from thin air right in front of him/her.»



Paul: Hey, cake!

Storm: No time for cake, Dr. Jones. We’re on a mission!

Paul: Right.

Storm: HERO! We need you to come with us!

Paul: …and we need you to bring that cake!

Hero: ok, sure. So who are you guys?

Paul: Hahaha!

Storm: Hahaha!

Paul: Oh, you’re serious?

Storm: We’re Paul and Storm. He’s Paul…

Paul: He’s Storm. We’re… Paul and Storm.


Paul: THE Paul and Storm…?

«Screen zooms in on Hero.»

*Blank Stare*

«Screen moves to Paul and Storm.»

Storm: Oh come ON. Paul and Storm, inter-dimensional Bards! We’ve opened for some of the biggest bands in the multiverse! Anything??!

«Screen moves back to Hero.»

Hero: Nope. Never heard of ya.

«Screen moves back to Paul and Storm.»

Paul: You clearly don’t travel in musical or inter-dimensional circles.

Storm: We’re getting way off topic. HERO! We need you to come with us!

«Screen zooms out showing Hero, Paul, Storm, and Twig in front of the cake.»

Hero: OK, where?

Paul: To the Mirror Realm. The greatest hero of that reality has sent us here to find the greatest hero of THIS reality.

Storm: …Which, apparently, is you!

Hero: You got THAT right! LET’S GO!

Paul: The fate of BOTH of your worlds rests on…

Hero: I already said ”yes”.

Storm: AWAY! To the Mirror Realm!

Paul: Yeah! WAIT! The caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

«A black portal appears in the air and Hero, Paul, and Storm disappear through the portal.»
«Twig jumps up on the table and starts eating the cake.»
«Scene fades.»

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