Mirror, Mirror


«Scene: The Throne of Darkness villains are in their respective place around the table»

Scarletta: So, I'm sitting there on the Prismatic Throne, minding my own business…

Xeight: Prismatic Throne?

Scarletta: Well, I AM a queen!

All but Mysterious Figure and Scarletta: You're a queen?!?!

Scarletta: At least, I have been for the past 979 years.

All but Mysterious Figure and Scarletta: !!!!

Ziri: Wow, you're holding up pretty well! Any skin care tips?

Scarletta: Sure, remind me after the adventure. I'll give you a link to my cosmetics blog!

Pax: AHEM. What happened with the Hero?

Scarletta: Oh! I was sitting on my throne, and then out of nowhere, I hear…

«Scene: The Hero stands in front of the mirror in the ShatterGlass Maze»

Hero: Mirror, mirror, on the wall…
Hero: Who's the prettiest hero of them all?

«Scene: The Throne of Darkness meeting room»

Scarletta: And this was TOO good to pass up.

«Scene: The Hero stands in front of the mirror in the ShatterGlass Maze. The mirror that the Hero is standing up to lights up, revealing Scarletta»

Hero: Whoa. Where'd you come from?

Scarletta: Oh, brave and courageous hero!

Hero: Oh, man! I was just joking! I didn't think the mirror would actually talk back!

Scarletta: The prettiest hero in the land is definitely…
Scarletta: …absolutely….
Scarletta: …unquestionably….
Scarletta: NOT
Scarletta: you.

«Scene: The Throne of Darkness meeting room»

All except Mysterious Figure and Scarletta: LOLOLOLOL!

«Scene: The Hero and Scarletta in the ShatterGlass Maze»

Hero: Hilarious. Now tell me… where are all the missing girls?

Scarletta: Here in the Tower of Mirrors, of course!

Hero: Ok, she's surprisingly honest.
Hero: Would you mind telling me how to GET to the Tower of Mirrors?

Scarletta: Sure, I'll tell you that under ONE condition!
Scarletta: Hero, Hero, in the mirror…
Scarletta: Who is the most beautiful villain that you fear?

«Dialogue choices:»

  • Fine, you are.
  • It's….. NOT you.
  • Can you repeat that, please?

Scarletta: Oh, it's simple!
Scarletta: You just need to go back EXACTLY the way you came!

Hero: Uh, that's not very funny.
Hero: I thought you were being honest.

Scarletta: I am!
Scarletta: …Assuming you're on the correct side of the mirror.

Hero: Um… what do you mean by 'the correct side of the mirrror'?

Scarletta: Step on in, <Hero>. I'm about to flip your mind.
Scarletta: And by the way, so you don't embarrass yourself again…
Scarletta: The PROPER way to summon me is to say my name 3 times.

Hero: But what's your name?

«The mirror glows, and the Hero is sucked in»

«Scene: The Throne of Darkness meeting room»

All but Mysterious Figure and Scarletta: OMG! Your tower is in the mirror realm?!

Scarletta: And this is when things started to get interesting.

«Scene fades»

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