Mirror Iadoa

Before completing the 'Oooommm' quest:

Lord of Order
You cannot help me. Return to your time.

- Go Now

After completing the 'Oooommm' quest:

Lord of Order
This is not your world… and it is not your time. You are disturbing the balance, the Order, by being here. I understand the severity of your situation, and why Drakath has summoned us. Repair the damage your arrival has caused, and I will think on the best course of action.

- Mirror Iadoa's Quests

After completing the 'Find Khasaanda' quest:

Lord of Order
Speak to Khasaanda. With her guidance, I will be able to make a decision on where we go from here.

During the 'Return to Iadoa' quest:

Lord of Order
So, you've returned.

- Mirror Khasaanda's Quests

After completing the 'Return to Iadoa' quest:

Lord of Order
I have seen what has happend… and what is coming. Yes, hero - we will help you. Let me know when you are ready to return to your own time.

- I'm Ready

Location: Bright Forest Past
Note: Also see Iadoa (NPC).


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