Mirror Drakath (NPC)

Champion of Order
Welcome back to the Mirror Realm. I can still sense the imbalance that your existence has cause between our two realities. We must act quickly before it reaches a critical mass and the multiverse begins to remove you from existence.

This world is a reflection of yours. It's not a perfect reversal but you will find many things here are the opposite of what they are in your world in some ways. For example, in your world the town of Battleoff is called BattleON for some reason.

Lord of Order
I am so glad you have chosen to embrace the path of order, hero! Before I teach you the skills Lords of Order use in combat, you must first prove you have the character befitting such a title.

To be a Lord of Order, you must prove not only your skill in battle, but also your tenacity and resilience. You can do only ONE quest per day, and the quests MUST be done in order or you will not qualify to become a Lord of Order.

Powerful Weapons?
Hello Hero! For you next task, please bring me:
The Supreme Arcane Staff that decomposed Ledgermayne.
The Ice Katana that Yulgar and Warlic forged to defeat Drakonnan.
The Hanzamune Dragonkoi Blade that banished Kitsune.
Safiria's Spirit Orb that repelled Maxius.
The Dragonoid's Dragonoid of Hours that silenced ladoa.

- Mirror Drakath's Quests

- Mirror Drakath's Quests
- Quibble Coinbiter's Twenty-Third Shop raresmall.png

After completing Gravelyn The Good's Quests:

Champion of Order
I wish I had better news but it looks like my reflection sent the evil Xing and Xang to this side to capture that dragon egg, whatever it is. We MUST get it back safely to save you from being erased!

- Mirror Realm Merge
- Quibble Coinbiter's Twenty-Third Shop raresmall.png



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