Mirror Drakath (Cutscene)


«Scene: Drakath, Xing, and Xang in front of the gate to the Chaos Realm»

Drakath: So many ways to cause chaos in this world, it is becoming hard to decide where to go next.
Drakath: Xing, Xang, do you have any suggestions?

Xing: You should create a virus that makes people fall out of love.

Xang: No, the virus should make them want to KILL their loved ones.

Drakath: How delightful! I will need to…

«Drakath glows white, and light fills the screen. When the light clears, Mirror Drakath is standing in his place.»

Mirror Drakath: Hm. So this is what the reflection of the Order Gate looks like.

Xang: YOU! I'll never go back to the Mirror Realm!

Xing: I Won't let you take my sister!

Mirror Drakath: That's not your sister.
Mirror Drakath: You know that your real twin sister is the spirit of Good and she is in my world.

Xang: I'M her sister now!

Mirror Drakath: I don't have time for you now, but mark my worlds, Xang.
Mirror Drakath: Your presence has brought an imbalance to the two worlds.
Mirror Drakath: You will come back with me sooner or later.
Mirror Drakath: Both worlds need a voice for Good and a spirit of Evil to help people make their choices.
Mirror Drakath: But for now… I have other business to attend to.

«Mirror Drakath jumps off the floating platform»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Pan of Swordhaven»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Warlic's Magic Shoppe»

Hero: I really need to find out how to activate this medallion before I fight the Pain Bleeder.

Cysero: Have you tried asking it nicely?

Warlic: The magical energies around the medallion do suggest…

Mirror Drakath: In my world you have to say "Laes eht ylohnu sdnuow,".

Hero: Drakath?! What are you doing here?

Cysero: Snazzy new duds, Drakath.

Hero: No, Cysero. This is Drakath from the Mirror Realm.
Hero: On his side he leads the 13 Lord of Order.

Warlic: Fascinating, but shouldn't he be wearing yellow? It's the opposite for purple.

Mirror Drakath: We can discuss my fashion sense later.
Mirror Drakath: I have temporarily swapped places with your Drakath to seek you out, <Hero>.

Hero: Is your world in danger again? Is Evil King Alteon on the rampage? Has he revived Undead Artix?

Mirror Drakath: Well, yes to all of that but that's nothing new.
Mirror Drakath: I'm here because YOU are in grave danger.

Hero: Me?

Mirror Drakath: Yes! As you know, you are unique in the multiverse.
Mirror Drakath: You have no reflection on the other side, so you can cross freely.
Mirror Drakath: This has created a small imbalance in the multiverse.
Mirror Drakath: As the Champion of Order I can sense such imbalances.
Mirror Drakath: Soon, the multiverse will begin to erase you to correct the imbalance.

Hero: Erase me?

Mirror Drakath: Unless we find a way to balance your presence here on my side…
Mirror Drakath: …You will begin to sort of unravel like an old scarf.
Mirror Drakath: I must take you back to Battleoff to search for a cure, before it's too late.

Hero: Lead on!

«Mirror Drakath takes himself and the Hero to the Mirror Realm. Drakath appears in his place. He looks around.»


«Cysero smiles and waves»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: BattleOff»

Welcome back to Battleoff

«Scene fades»

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