Miriam Baker


Young Farmhand
You travelers came too late. Our village was faring well, even during the famine, but then the Mayor changed. He suddenly holed up inside his home, hoarding enough food to feed us and the next village over for weeks… months, if we rationed well. I snuck into his house to take some, but grabbed his journal instead. He found an odd artifact outside of town a few days ago before he began acting strange… maybe the journal can tell you more about it.

- Journal

After completing the 'Keeper of the Scales' quest:

Young Farmhand
We can't thank you enough for saving our village, and all of Greenguard, by stopping the famine! You're saying that we'll never have another disaster like this again so long as you give offerings of cooked meals to the Horseman of Famine each year? I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this, but I do believe you. It's just, you're so cheery over such a terrifying prospect. Are all Trolls this brave?

- Journal

Location: Blight Harvest


Thanks to Tux47.

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