Lost Lover
Hi there! I can't seem to find my sweetheart, William… I really need to find him before I can enjoy the show! Can you help me?

- Miranda's Quests
- Crystal Bright Merge

After completing the 'Give me a Ticket' quest

Lost Lover
He's not here! Please, help me find him!

After completing the 'Trainers' quest

Lost Lover
I know those acrobats and the rest of the circus performers had something to do with this. He would NEVER stand me up. NEVER!

After completing the 'Balloons' quest

Lost Lover
I know we were here somewhere. I remember seeing teddy bears and darts. WHY can't I remember? What is wrong with me?

After completing the 'Help Miranda' quest

Lost Lover
My William and I are together again. I can't thank you enough for all of your help! I never would have remembered without you.

Location: Forest of Dreams
Note: Must have completed the 'Low On Caffeine' quest to access this NPC.

Thanks to Harrison.

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