Mina's Ghost

Former Sheperdess
… Who are you? You aren't from Ravenscar, are you? But you ARE alive! Which mean you can HELP me! Find my amulet in the village and I will show you how this place was cursed. You will learn how Dage the Evil's Undead Legion was formed in the battle for Blightbringer's heart.

Before I died, I loved a boy. He was loyal, strong, and honest. He wanted to become a soldier and fight for Good. On his 16th birthday, when he received a set of armor from his father, he smiled so bright! Now, though… Find the amulet, and you will understand my sorrow.

- Mina's Ghost's Quest
- Ravenscar Legion
- Ravenscar Shop

After completing the 'Blightbringer's Doom' quest:

Rands Lost Love
And now you know the truth. Would Rand have left his father’s farm, become a warrior, and changed the world if he'd never met Dage? It is possible, but we will never know. As long as Dage’s minions ravage Lore, I am doomed and Ravenscar burns. My fear is that… the Undead Legion is eternal.

I wish I had never I love the boy I knew, but the undead monster which has taken his place is… not him. He is a weapon now, and Dage’s will is the hand that guides him. As I watch, the Undead Legion spreads, accepting more members each day. I do not believe it CAN be stopped now!

- Fight Ultra Shadowman
- Ravenscar Legion
- Ravenscar Shop

Location: Ravenscar


Thanks to Flitterifie and Zyrain.

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