Mina Kabuha


Village Child
NOoooo! I won't go back! You're here to take me back! I don't want to! You can't make me! He's… scary. Please… please don't make me go back to him. I have family in Lolosia… I think. Let me be and I will find them, after I rest a while. Just - just please don't make me go back to the Baron! *shudder* I stole some of his things to sell to get money to pay my way. Would - would you buy some?

- Mina Kabuha's Quest

After completing Mina Kabuha's Quest:

Village Child
W-what are you doing back here? You're not going to make me back to the Baron, are you? Please, go see the Sisters! They have information you need, and things for you to do. You can just leave me alone. Go, go!

Location: BakeShop of Horrors


Thanks to Haileym1.

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